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My Passion

Pathways to Care is a 40-bed, not-for-profit respite center dedicated to providing health, housing and hope to Central Florida’s most vulnerable population, providing short-term recuperative care and support services for homeless adults in need of temporary housing in order to recover from an acute medical illness or injury.

My Journey

Here you'll find information regarding the Journey I am taking with this crazy Triathlon sport, the ups and downs of training, the process, the team and everything else that does along with living the dream...

Coaches Corner

The Coaches Corner Blog Series, Here you'll find announcements, partnership and triathlon coaches giving advise for training, guidance, and education as you pursue new levels of fitness in the sport of Running or Triathlons. Guest coaches will periodically post great articles with an effort to help you succeed in your training.

KONA – 5 weeks away!

There is something about a morning swim when the lake is like glass and the sun is hesitating the day.  Peaceful, tranquility & content...